Turn up the lights: Human-centric LED market to surpass $6bn valuation

Turn up the lights: Human-centric LED market to surpass $6bn valuation

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A growing focus on designing live-work-play spaces that improve our happiness and productivity is brightening the prospects of human-centric lighting.

Researchers believe that the international human-centric lighting industry will be worth more than $6bn (AED22bn) by 2025.

Hospitality, healthcare and the commercial office sector are among the design categories likely to see the greatest transformation, as developers and operators move to replace traditional halogen bulbs with bright lights that promote wellbeing.

They are also pairing LED lights with smarter, technological controls and software to bring down electricity costs and power consumption. 

Lack of a regulatory framework around the use of technology, though, could put a drag on growth, due to safety and security concerns, according to the report by Global Market Insights. Inadequate laws are compounded by an absence of industry-specific standards, it added. 

But due to growing consumer awareness around the negative impacts of living or working in a space with poor lighting, greater focus is being paid to human-centric lighting and the retrofit market was worth approximately $50m (AED183.6m) in 2018.

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