UAE, Saudi renovation rise creates ‘positive business climate’

UAE, Saudi renovation rise creates ‘positive business climate’

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Hotel renovation and refurbishment programmes gathering speed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are creating “positive” opportunities for the design industry.

Husain Roomi, co-founder of H2R Design – the practice behind dozens of retail and food and drink spots in Dubai – said growth in the interiors sector can be expected.

“The UAE and KSA have undertaken major renovation and refurbishment programmes, respectively, to upgrade old public buildings using sustainable products and smart technology,” he said.

While he admitted there was a positive business climate, buoyed by renovation and refurbishment jobs, Roomi urged against rushing in on a design.

“Every space and location requires its own research, development and approach based on its context and brand ethos,” he explained.

His comments come ahead of the 29th edition of design trade show INDEX, which takes place between 17 and 19 September at Dubai World Trade Centre.

It is part of the newly launched Middle East Design and Hospitality Week 2019. More than 500 exhibitors are expected to take part in the show, as businesses look to capitalise on renovations and refurbishments in the hospitality segment.

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