Feng Shui played key role in Dubai's Heart of Europe project

Feng Shui played key role in Dubai's Heart of Europe project

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A renowned Feng Shui master has been at the centre of designing The Heart of Europe, a luxury second home concept in Dubai and tourist destination being developed on six coral-rich islands in The World Islands, Arabian Business reported. 

Developer Kleindienst Group said Victor Li Dexiong played a key role in the use of Feng Shui during the architectural planning of the development and is now revisiting to view progress and success.

He recently met with owners and prospective buyers of its second homes, Kleindienst said, adding that all aspects of the design, construction and landscaping have been considered and evaluated based on Feng Shui best practices.

Chinese nationals incorporate Feng Shui in all aspects of their life even as tourists by selecting Feng Shui-designed hotels above all others.

Josef Kleindienst, chairman and founder of Kleindienst Group said: “We brought expertise from the East in the form of Master Li Dexiong to complement our own experience from the West to design second homes in a destination that will appeal to our Chinese investors.

"Master Li’s Feng Shui design has helped make the environment on the six islands more prosperous and workable and we admire the results he can achieve with many top global brands.”

Dexiong added: “Feng Shui is in effect the incorporation of natural environment, the earth's magnetic field, yin and yang forces, the mountains and rivers. Chinese people are guided by this environmental science and recognise the impact it has on our daily lives.

"I have advised Kleindienst from the first design stage of The Heart of Europe to ensure there is good feng shui for a prosperous and happy environment.”

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