Milan's Poli.Design offers exclusive scholarship to UAE-based female designers

Milan's Poli.Design offers exclusive scholarship to UAE-based female designers

The design institute, founded by the celebrated Politecnico di Milano, which counts among its alumni such names as Patricia Urquiola, wants to champion the representation of women designers in the region

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Recently, the renowned Italy-based Poli.Design, a consortium of Politecnico di Milano, launched Women Design Capital in the UAE to offer a scholarship to female architects, interior designers and engineers, who have completed their undergraduate studies. The programme is a specialist master’s in industrial design for architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, for which Polo.Design is collaborating with a number of UAE-based academic institutions such as the American University of Sharjah and the American University of Dubai.

Silvia Piardi Politecnico di Milano

Silvia Piardi

Through this initiative, Poli.Design and Politecnico di Milano, which champion the best industry practises aimed at promoting gender equality in the world of design and architecture, want to contribute to the rising popularity of design and architecture as professional careers among women in the Middle East.

Indu Varanasi Politecnico di Milano

Indu Varanasi

Women Design Capital, a forum dedicated to women and design that will promote activities, competitions, conferences, workshops until the opening of Expo2020, promises to create equal and substantial opportunities for women, who wish to work in the design and architecture fields in the UAE.

Ingrid Paoletti Politecnico di Milano

Ingrid Paoletti

It will launch the programme of events directed to women in design/architecture that, using their work, are changing their countries and connecting the different cultures. Some of the names include Dubai-based architect, Indu Varanasi, Italy-based architect, Anna Barbara as well as professors from Politecnico di Milano, Ingrid Paoletti and Silvia Piardi, and Paola Galdi from the international affairs team at Poli.Design, will be the team leaders of other important institutions in order to bridge the new generations in the design and architecture fields and to encourage the exchanges between the countries.

Anna Barbara Politecnico di Milano

Anna Barbara

The activity is promoted by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Milano, Monza Brianza Lodi and the participation of the American University of Sharjah. The deadline to apply for the scholarship to the programme, which starts on March 13, 2019, is January 15, 2019.

Applications can be submitted here, or write in to and for queries

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