1508 London brings Romantic Maximalism concept to Royal Suite Penthouse for the Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel

This is 1508 London’s second collaboration with Jumeirah

Hotel room design in the UAE is an OG at going OTT.

A spectacular example of unparalleled interior luxury can be found in the 1508 London concept for the Royal Suite Penthouse in the Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel.

Spanning an entire floor and overlooking the Burj Al Arab, the rooftop room comes with its own private infinity plunge pool and five grand bedrooms, plus a private terrace.

Designed on the principle of Romantic Maximalism by 1508 London, this is the agency's second collaboration with Jumeirah, with The Carlton Tower Hotel in London opening towards the end of this year.

The design concept explores the key principles of Maximalism in a modern sense and aims to emphasise form, proportion and the enhancement of light, whilst combining it with a contemporary language that is more playful and expressive, creating bespoke, beautiful and functional interiors.

The London and Dubai-based design studio proposed a combination of layered materials from hand-painted wallpapers to hand-embroidered fabrics and beautiful semi-precious stones used throughout the 690sqm suite, creating a rich and crafted feel.

A design inspired by fashion and integrated technology with a carefully curated furniture and accessories package creates a world-class luxury offering. Clean contemporary forms, beautifully crafted detailing and rich materiality are blended in to create a timeless design.

We're certainly smitten.

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