Women-only Saudi wedding venue by superfuturedesign* uses local materials and xeriscape approach

It's a mixed-use development of private residential and hospitality

Superfuturedesign* has created a haven from the busy central area in a neighbourhood of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The sister concern of ASZarchitetti, founded by Andrea Sensoli with three partners Cecilia Morosi, Iacopo Mannelli and Andrea Rettori, is currently working on a project in the Al Waseel suburb.

It's a mixed-use development of private residential and hospitality, combining a master private villa, an events hall and chalets units, extending 15,000 sqm, on sloping terrain of 20 metres drop in height.

The scheme is split into three parts on the site; with the four chalets units on the east side and the private villa and wedding venue on the west side.

Celebrations can take place in privacy and the venue, which accommodates 300 guests, is targeted for women only.

Designers gave great consideration to interior materials, in order to enhance the experience of both the bridal party and their guests. They'll see a weave of earthy colours and textures ranging from embossed metal sheet copper to oak wood.

All the amenities and parking spaces are located at the lowest level underground and are covered by a recreation area with sports and swimming facilities.

Landscaping is an essential part of the design as it connects the various components together and employs sustainability in the mountain desert climate.

Where the events hall and private villa are cantilevering out of the ground as dominant white volumes, the four chalets units and other amenities are clad in dark local stone and appear to be tumbling down the slope.

Local materials were used in two tones for the external cladding and composite timber for the vertical louvres.

Indigenous species also feature in a xeriscape approach, with materials that weather and colourful specimens, to achieve a landscape that is unique but also reflecting the identity of the local context.

Advanced engineering systems, such as geothermal technology, make use of the natural topography of the site.

As well as innovative structural design that explored a combination of steel and concrete systems, allowing the simplicity and strength of the architecture to be expressed with efficient structural and construction methods.

The boutique architecture and interiors firm has previously shared plans to transform abandoned Riyadh buildings into an industrial co-working space with cool coffee shops, offices and showrooms.

The Dubai-based business is working on a concept for a project called The Hub in Saudi Arabia.

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