A playful ice-cream parlour by Bishop Design that we're really sweet on

Blossom is bringing bold and colourful cool to Saudi Arabia

“A day without ice cream is a day wasted.”

That's the maxim behind Blossom, an experience-driven ice cream parlour that sells ice cream, frozen yoghurt, shakes and speciality coffees.

Bishop Design devised an interior that's bright, colourful and bold during the day and at night transforms into a fluorescent neon ice-cream bar. Furniture, uniforms, walls and pipes will all become fluorescent as nighttime falls.

It's an immersive destination that tickles the senses of customers visually, by smell and through experience, as they take that all-important first lick.

Blossom's tone of voice is enlightened with happiness and positivity, with the honest belief that a simple smile is the best way to engage with someone.

Enjoyment, guilty pleasure and fun drive the brand sentiments with a united devotion to friendliness, engagement and humbleness as their approach to customers.

Enlarged elements protruding from the wall, floor and ceiling and combine with surfaces adorned with brand messaging and dynamic installations to create an incredibly Instagrammable environment that satisfies the demographic's social habits.

Ultimately a happy and bright space, the venue couldn’t make its debut at a more perfect time as the region will appreciate these sentiments on a much deeper level in the coming months.

Blossom has become a unique and playful concept which successfully instils the concept of fun back into dining.

One scoop or two?

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