We're obsessed with how pretty & Fellows SPA by K+Spacing is

This secret garden spa in Taiwan is inspired by French art

A secret garden in the concrete jungle of Taipei, Taiwan, & Fellows SPA looks to the French Impressionist artist Claude Monet's Women in the Garden as its muse.

The painting was the first of Monet's works to capture what would become his primary theme: the interplay between light and atmosphere.

So this new genre of spa in in the eastern district in Taipei works with colour schemes and lighting to create a relaxing space for both the mind and the body, one that soothes the senses either in solitude or company.

Interior designer Yu-Tsen King from K+Spacing wanted spa goers to feel as if they were stepping into the glorious Parisian garden seen in Monet's art.

The entrance of & Fellows SPA is outfitted with green vegetation. Large glass windows usher in natural light, adding sense of space.

The vast semicircular hall with walls of ivy patterns has not only an open lounge area, but also a section separated by an arch, which, together with recessed lights and wall lamps, serves as an exclusive area for spending time alone.

In the soft glow of projected light, we see plants specifically selected by horticulturists create a visage of verdant forest. The visitor feels as if they are stepping onto a trail and entering a secret realm. Imbued with the philosophy of coexisting with nature, it provides a pleasant feast for the eye and the mind.

Furniture is by Moroso, an Italian manufacturer with nearly 70 years of history. Its complex woodwork presents simple lines, bold colours and curled rattan recliners and side tables. The bright, eye-catching shades from the M'Afrique Collection evoke blossoming flowers and a vibrant yet romantic feel.

Made in Senegal at Moroso's atelier in Dakar art, directed by Abdou Salam Gaye, the M'Afrique collection is designed by Tord Boontje, Dominique Pétot, Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck, Marc Thorpe, Patricia Urquiola, Federica Capitani, Concetta Giannangeli, David Weeks and Martino Gamper.

The collection is crafted using a hand-weaving technique employing the plastic threads traditionally used for making fish nets, which is then woven on hand-bent metallic structures, to create attractive and strong design products.

Nature inspires the VIP room, with its hallway decorated with peacock feathers, and the metallic texture combined with walls and settees of bright blue and red, as well as intermittent bird-cage chandeliers, enhance the space with elegance and luxury.

The specially designed halo casts a sense of drama and mystery.

We look upwards to a room filled with a galaxy of stars. Handmade hanging colored-glaze lights are brilliant but not dazzling, making for a sight resembling the vast Milky Way.

In the hallway, visitors could be forgiven for thinking they have stepped into an art gallery, with works highlighted by pilot lights and the ceiling decorated with royal blue drapes that add softness to the space while echoing the blue checkered carpet on the floor.
Again nature creeps in to the theme, with various flowers and vines patterning ceiling and walls.

The separate shower room is decorated with yellow dancing-doll orchids, while their red counterpart ornaments the grooming area.

Like Monet's feted work, & Fellows SPA is a place of elegance and flowers, where art and relaxation meet in a gorgeous urban garden.

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