Elated Beauty Bar in Abu Dhabi celebrates sassy women with a design by Unit thirty6

The owner sought to create a hang-out spot for ladies in the capital

A hangout spot for the sassy women of Abu Dhabi was the design brief for Unit thirty6 from the owners of Elated Beauty Bar.

The nails, brows & hair beauty bar with a café is a spot in the Ministries Complex, Abu Dhabi, where the ladies of the capital can catch up with their girl squad over coffee, say the beauty mavens.

Design firm Unit thirty6 - named after the mathematical expression for its studio space in The Design Yard, Abu Dhabi - says the demographics Elated were hoping to cater to included women of all ages that are sassy, loud, outspoken and unapologetic about it.

They decided to create an attractive façade for the brand on the exterior that did not give too much away, just enough to create interest and then really showcase the quirks of the brand on the interior.

The layout of Elated starts at the café that hosts both built-in raised seating for a pick-up or quick coffee as well as an intimate adaptable seating area for the girls visiting to hang out in groups or individually.

Adding the back of a container box into the café area that gives the clients visiting the café a sneak peek into the beauty bar through a window that separates the areas visually.

The café is physically separated from the rest of the space with a garage door that clients click to enter into the next area, which is the beauty bar.

In the reception area, selected retail products are highlighted every month as well as a small waiting area. The core of the brand is the expert nail bar, highlighted by creating a visual separation that runs from the floor, up the walls and to the ceiling, marked with a light strip and the brand’s core blue colour fill inside.

A “glam up” area that is dedicated to brows and hair is separated it from the rest of the beauty bar, to allow for more privacy and intimacy.

Designers worked with materials including natural woods, concrete, tinted concrete, cement blocks, bricks, aluminium, distressed brown leather matched with the Rubix Cube-style ceramic tiles that flow across all areas of the space.

An industrial vibe carries through to the lighting specs, with industrial styled pendant fixtures. Wall graphics and selected accessories reference the tone of the brand and bring a touch of humour to the 165 square metre space.

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