In Pictures: 4SPACE designs new branch of Coffeetea at Dubai International Financial Centre

The green represents tea and the brown represents coffee

Coffee, tea, or both? That's the concept behind cafe Coffetea.

Dubai design agency 4SPACE were tasked with elevating the interiors at the new branch of Coffeetea in Dubai's DIFC.

Located at the Waterfront Market in Abu Hail, Dubai, the original branch is know for its creative beverage combinations, including the signature drink that mixes coffee and tea.

The visual style of the 200 square metre café does just that and is split between coffee lovers and tea lovers, where the green represents tea and the brown coffee.

It's a very literal translation that yields great results. The ceiling design was inspired by the coffee bean in its original form while on the arabica tree; the green preserved moss replicates the leaves while the red glass characterises raw coffee beans. On the floor, designers used a German technology called Stein Art, an sandstone that gives the space a distinctive and aesthetically appealing mood.

Look to the walls for a symmetrical pattern of arches on the wall and on the floor there's a minimal design feature. A façade projects a sense of grandeur, welcoming the customers with a vivid colour palette.

Recessed plants in the shape of a tree create a feature for the cafe's brick wall and to add the feeling of an outdoor backyard, a window with 'droplets' creates deliver a cosy ambience.

An escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, 4SPACE have designed a relaxed space infused with local cafe culture.

Milk and two sugars, please!

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