In Pictures: Abejo bar and restaurant in India's Pubtown is among inaugural projects for ForeArch Studios

Four design graduates founded the firm

In October 2018, four alumni of Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon, founded architecture and design practice ForeArch Studios.

This is one of their first projects, which was achieved on a limited budget of 400,000 IR (just under AED 19,500).

Abejo is a restaurant in the midst of the youth-driven city of Pune, Maharashtra, India, which has a large student population. Its name is a Persian word meaning “water of barley," which is served here.

Situated in a complex known as Pubtown, among many successful bars and restaurants, it was imperative to design a space that can stand out in a crowd.

Abejo is conceptualised around the journey of a fictional character known as YoHa, named after its owners Yogesh and Neha Batra. The journey of YoHa mimics theirs, from Lucknow to Pune, bringing Lucknow's Awadhi cuisine with a modern twist.

Colour palette for the 300 square metre space comprises of neutral greys with shades of green adding character.

The flooring is done using a process known as Trimix, which is polished concrete flooring, with inlays of brass rods to create a pattern.

Metal and wooden elements are used to enhance the visual appeal of the space, which devotes 100 sqm each to service, indoor seating and outdoor seating.

One of the highlight walls is designed with the same textures and lighting highlighting the unusual shape of the installation.

Despite a budget limit, an impressive hero sculpture in one part of the bar was executed with the unusual choice of  PVC electrical conduits.

These were hung from the ceiling in the form of a wave and parts of the sculpture are visible from outside the restaurant, to evoke curiosity amongst passersby.

It's an artwork that sums up the design DNA of the eatery, as voiced by ForeArch Studios: "Abejo is designed to be visually appealing to the users, with innovative use of materials to complete the job within budget and making the space beneficial in terms of commercial value of the restaurant."

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