Design of Japan's Sorano Hotel embraces new style of holiday

'Well being short trip' combines dining, spa and workouts

As long haul travel takes a back seat, those with wanderlust are exploring new options for short breaks.

Sorano Hotel, in Tachikawa city, 30 minutes from Shinjuku, Tokyo, has been designed by Curiosity to cater for the new trend of taking a 'well being break.'

For guests seek time not to indulge but to relax, it is well situated to create an accessible yet escapist location for those willing to staycation close to Japan's capital city.

The lobby

A tent shape connects the entrance to the lobby, evoking a journey in nature even while you are indoor. The lobby opens directly to outside, creating a surprising effect as you move from an urban environment to a lush green garden.

WA Modern room

The lush Showa Kinen Park is directly in front of the 81-guest rooms - all park views, with private balconies and space of 52 square metres. Unusual black tatami and futons face the outside terrace; the entrance of the room is discovered through a transparent screen creating a surprising and welcoming effect.


Water from the hotel's own hot spring water is pumped up to the spa, which also features a 60-metre long infinity pool, with views of  Mt.Fuji in the distance.

Daichino Restaurant

The diner based on the concept of 'well-being' serves Japanese fusion food menus combining Japanese food and other cultures.

The three cellars allow the customer to discover high-quality ingredients selected from local production in Tachikawa and neighbouring regions.

A hidden Chef's Table is available for special gatherings.

We can't wait to check in and check it out!

CURIOSITY is a multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo, created by French designer Gwenael Nicolas.
No strangers to the Middle East, in 2018 they worked on Moncler Dubai Mall, the Italian apparel retailer’s first mono-brand boutique in the city.

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