Jennie Binchy and Sayjel Patel join the CID Awards 2018 judging panel

Jennie Binchy and Sayjel Patel join the CID Awards 2018 judging panel

Two new judges join the jury ahead of the CID Awards 2018 that will take place on September 19

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Architect Jennie Binchy, who co-founded her award-winning interior design practice Binchy and Binchy in 2016, has joined the CID Awards 2018 judging panel. She takes over this role from designer Fouad Mirza, who had to opt out of this responsibility due to a personal emergency. 

Jennie Binchy CID Awards 2018 judge

Binchy graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture, London in 2002, and worked there for several years, specialising in Education Design. In 2017, Binchy's firm won the CID Awards Interior Design of the Year: Food and Beverage category, for its first completed project, Menagerie. The studio is currently designing an extensive institutional complex in Oman and private luxury villas in Dubai, Muscat and Islamabad. The firm has also recently completed work for Emaar, which is now under construction.

Binchy is an active member of the design community and mentors RIBA Part III students and provides placements for summer internships. She has also been a guest critic at Heriot-Watt School of Architecture in Dubai.

She comments on the CID Awards: “The submissions for CID Awards, from both new and established practices, continue to surprise and delight me, year upon year. The competition is tough yet designers continue to innovate and push boundaries. I am looking forward to seeing beautiful submissions that are well resolved and hold true to concept.”

Hani Asfour, associate dean of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI), who has also had to leave this role due to personal reasons, has made way for his colleague, Sayjel Vijay Patel, who is one of the founding faculty members of DIDI.

Seyjal Patel CID Awards 2018 judge

Canadian-born Patel is an architectural designer, researcher, and lecturer. As a principle investigator with the Singapore University of Technology and Design's Digital Manufacturing & Design Centre, he led "The 3D Sampling Project" - an initiative exploring new design and fabrication processes, which combine mobile 3D scanning, and advanced additive manufacturing. Patel, who holds a masters of architecture degree from MIT, is also the director and co-founder of CodeKitchen - an open educational platform, which promotes design and technology outreach through community based learning labs and workshops.

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