New Collection: OBITOVANA 5019 by Sergey Makhno and Konstantin Kofta

Ukrainian firm Sergey Makhno Architects in collaboration with a couture design studio Kofta

A collection of furniture and accessories, OBITOVANA 5019, is an effort to tell the present its future, say its creators.

"The names of the products are the names of butterflies that have gone extinct, rivers that have dried away, glaciers that have melted, islands that are drowning, and flowers that will never bloom again. In a new world, they will be alive again," they add.

Highlights of the future-facing collection include the TITAN floor lamp, the prototype of Titan Arum, the largest flower in the world, and the Coral Reef table, where "there is no longer any place for gadgets — only tasty healthy food and lively communication."

Sergey Makhno Architects is a workshop of contemporary Ukrainian design and architecture, while Kofta is an independent couture studio specializing in the art of leathercraft using 3-D futuristic technologies.

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