Wilson Associates designs socially-conscious pop-up bar for Downtown Design 2019

Wilson Associates designs socially-conscious pop-up bar for Downtown Design 2019

Wilson Associates, Downtown design

Design and architecture firm Wilson Associates' Dubai office is set to create a community-led pop-up experience at this year's Downtown Design, titled Just One, complete with a bar and social spaces. 

Working closely with a number of suppliers and collaborators, the Just One bar is an interactive space, with the aim of pushing forward a message of community-driven design and converying that small actions have the power to lead to big changes.

“We didn’t want to create something that just looked pretty, but something that had substance,” says Isabel Pintado, regional managing director at Wilson Associates’ Dubai office. “We wanted to develop a platform that would push individual actions into a community effort. The ‘Just One’ campaign opens up an enormous universe of possibilities. Whether it’s just one act of kindness or one donation, the concept puts our thoughts into perspective that all of us as individuals can make a difference together.’

Inspired by the mission of driving change through collectivev oices and actions, the “Just One Bar” seeks to explore simple messages of hope, strength, camaraderie, kindness, and power –– all in a space brought to life through design collaboration. Partner brands and collaborators include BOLON, OFIS, Sancal, Edges Trading, EMKAY, Studio Mark, Mirodec, Lasvit, Tarrab Trading, Interior 360, Kvadrat Maharam, Drapes Interiors, Ege, and Preciosa.

Alongside Isabel Pintado, Wilson Associates Dubai team, comprised of Hilda Impey, Design Principal, FF&E; Roy Posey, Design Director; Maria Economides, Project Designer; Alika Dobie, Project Designer; and Grace Fahd, Associate Designer wanted to “bring people together in a space that champions diversity and its role in our lives.”

Roy Posey, Design Director: “It’s a message to recognize the power of one. Though one on its own does not always have the greatest effect, as a catalyst to a wider message, or can be commanding.”

Maria Economides, Project Designer: “During our collaboration with Downtown Design, we were overwhelmed with the positive reaction of all our collaborators, and we realized that the “Just One” theme translated very well into ‘Just One’ community.”

Alika Dobie, Project Designer: “Just One is about showcasing how a single action can create a greater collective. Currently, trends are focusing on the idea of sustainability, but it translates successfully into so many other concepts that work to reinforce the ideology. One small action by multiple individuals can have a greater impact than one may realize.”

Grace Fahd, Associate Designer: “The ‘Just One’ campaign is the catalyst for a revolution. It aims to raise awareness about the impact “Just One” act can have, whether positive or negative. It is a call to create a ripple effect, and to change people’s mindset about many littles can make a lot.”

Downtown Design will take place between 12-15 November 2019.

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