Expo 2020 Dubai country pavilions: Belarus

Expo 2020 Dubai country pavilions: Belarus

Expo 2020 Dubai, Belarus, Country pavilions

It is less than one year to go until Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off 173 days of spectacular events. Commercial Interior Design is reviewing the design of every country pavilion as the clock ticks down.

There will be 192 country pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai in total. While information about every single pavilion has not been made public — it is up to the individual countries to make this call — we have the design details for many of them.

East European nation Belarus will welcome visitors to the Forest of Future Technology at its pavilion.

It will feature a high-tech digital forest with an interactive nature-inspired installation shooting up from the entrance. The country wants to explore themes of innovation, investment and individuality.

Visitors will have able to enjoy the interactive ‘tree of mind’ installation and watch live performances by national folk and dance groups, as well as pick up local crafts from a shop selling Belarusian goods and souvenirs.

Located in the Opportunity District, the pavilion was designed by Switzerland’s NÜSSLI Adunic, which is also working on country pavilions for the likes of the Czech Republic, Germany and Luxembourg.  

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