Plan to turn Riyadh's derelict buildings into co-working spaces unveiled

Plan to turn Riyadh's derelict buildings into co-working spaces unveiled

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Boutique architecture and interiors firm SuperFutureDesign* has shared plans to transform abandoned Riyadh buildings into an industrial co-working space with cool coffee shops, offices and showrooms.

The Dubai-based business is working on a concept for a project called The Hub in Saudi Arabia.

Its draws on the adaptive reuse of aging building – something that is increasingly popular in Europe and the US.

The company’s concept is to change the functionality of old buildings in Riyadh to create a laid-back hub and co-working space that is open to the public.

This design, still in the early stages, will preserve the original architectural aesthetic of the abandoned buildings. It will also be designed so that the concept can be expanded to other abandoned buildings in the area if the development is successful.

Four areas in Riyadh with different typologies have been identified as potential sites for The Hub.

In details of the concept passed to Commercial Interior Design, the studio said The Hub will comprise “various showrooms, private large and small offices, meeting rooms, lounges and cafeteria.”

Adaptive reuse in interior design and architecture is a relatively uncommon in the Middle East, but is more popular in other parts of the world, as developers and building owners explore how to turn tired assets into cool and likely spaces.

Examples of this can be seen in London’s redevelopment of the Battersea Power Station or the Omani government’s $2m plan to regenerate the Minal Al Sutaln Qaboos Port.

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