Nulty completes lighting scheme for Dubai Hills Golf Club

Nulty completes lighting scheme for Dubai Hills Golf Club

Nulty, Lighting design, Wilson Associates, Dubai
Alex Jeffries Photography Group

Lighting consultant Nulty has completed the lighting scheme for the newly opened Dubai Hills Golf Club, designed by Wilson Associates.

Consisting of a large reception area, a brasserie and a bar, the reception area is filled with natural-light and reflective surfaces, assisting with the transition from day to night. 

Glass retail units and trophy cases are lit from above with ceiling cove lighting framing the edges of the cases.  In order to keep the consistency of the smooth lines of the space, Nulty chose to specify troughs in the ceiling to house the LED track ceiling lights, in order for the luminaire itself to be practically invisible. These troughs also serve to house the speakers, emergency systems, and air conditioning ducts keeping the ceilings free from visual distractions.

The sofas in the central seating area and the reception desks are lit from below with small LED strips. Nulty has implemented this technique in all three spaces of the building, giving a sense that the pieces of furniture are slightly hovering above the ground, especially at night.  

The Hill House Brasserie also is flooded with natural light, balanced with four large industrial style pendants with LED filament tubes and metal frames adding a decorative feature to the seating area. The area features two additional large pendants that provide focused warm lighting to the table areas while the rest of the luminaires are invisible. 

The track lights are hidden within the ceiling troughs and a line of invisible LEDs are tucked under the bottom edges of banquettes and the coffee bar.  Joinery lighting is implemented in the large shelving units drawing the eye to the various objects featured and lighting is tucked beneath the bottom of the shelving to wash the pictures on the wall with light.  Some ceiling downlights have been carefully positioned to ensure that key areas are illuminated not reached by the hidden track lighting. 

For The Duck Hook Bar, Nulty used lighting to add further drama to the interior concept. The wood, wallpaper and antique-feel of the materiality of the bar lends itself to a different lighting treatment compared to the reception and brasserie. Dedicated picture wall lights finished in brass ensure the playful paintings of ducks are fully illuminated.

LED profile lights have been used within the wooden bar joinery, giving a sensual backlit effect to the bottles on display. The black ceiling is exposed so luminaires unabashedly run on tracks in a white trough to detract the eye from the accessories on the ceiling. The project’s signature lighting beneath the banquettes and bar are particularly effective in the Duck Hook Bar, where ambient lighting levels are kept lower than the rest of the building.

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