Victoria & Albert Museum acquires latest work by Palestinian duo AAU Anastas

Victoria & Albert Museum acquires latest work by Palestinian duo AAU Anastas

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The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has recently acquired a circular lintel bench created by Palestinian architecture studio AAU Anastas, the latest addition to the sibling-duo's project, entitled Stone Matters. 

Led by architects Elias and Yousef Anastas, Stone Matters is a research project born as a reaction to the systematic misuse of clad stone in Palestine, with an aim to display the potential of the material to build contemporary architecture, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative construction techniques.

Through its experimentation with local stone, AAU Anastas as created a series of real scale installations, which have been exhibited during Dubai Design Week. 

Qamt is a circular lintel bench, and is the second experimental result presenting systems of lintels inspired by stereotomy found in Jerusalem. It serves as both a functional object as well as an illustration of architectural materials. 

The bench aims to "question the local and global exchange of techniques and trace unseen analogies between architectural forms across borders," the architects said. 

Prior to acquiring the duo's latest creation, the Victoria & Albert Museum also exhibited the While We Wait installation, which was also showcased at Concrete in  Alserkal Avenue. The installation was created as as a peaceful protest against the separation wall in Palestine. 

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