London-based Alix Lawson expands into Dubai market with Dubai Hills project

London-based Alix Lawson expands into Dubai market with Dubai Hills project

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Alix Lawson is expanding into Dubai following high profile project

London-based interior designer Alix Lawson has expanded her namesake boutique studio into the Dubai market with the aim of delivering residential projects that offer a minimalist approach.

The 33,000 foot Dubai Hills fuses contemporary interiors with the desert landscape, and is one of the designer's largest projects to date. She describes the project as "having a quiet and thoughtful design throughout". 

Lawson's project in Notting Hill is an example of her minimalist approach.

Lawson has worked across th Middle East for the past six years, and has completed projects in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. 

"More and more people are ‘choosing minimalism’ in Dubai and our latest project there has this ethos at its core, despite it being quite a design departure for the area," she said. 

"Simplicity, authenticity and calm are the new luxury and we are hearing more and more calls for a move away from excess, to be more green and focus on authentic sustainable materials. Not only in interior design but in fashion we can see a rejection of the disposable fast fashion mentality and a shift towards making fewer more conscious purchases to create a timeless result," she added. 

She explained that her approach to minimalism is less about "absence" but instead focuses on "conscious simplicity, thinking about each component during the design process.

"Today’s world is full of instant gratification, perforated by noise and the result is a growing inability to switch off and find the quiet. Our homes have always been our retreats from the world but for a long time luxury and design has been dominated by the loud, and intricate design came to be synonymous with opulence. I believe that the calm we are searching for in detoxes and retreats should begin with interior design and that conscious minimalism is the key to this," she said. 

Lawson founded her studio in 2018, and is currently based in West London with a team of five designers. 

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