Salone del Mobile 2019: Pedrali's new collection is showcased within different interior contexts

Salone del Mobile 2019: Pedrali's new collection is showcased within different interior contexts

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In partnership with Pedrali: Italian furniture brand Pedrali’s latest collections were showcased during Salone del Mobile 2019 through a theme called Palace of Wonders, presenting in a series of 'rooms' offering different interior contexts. 

With a total of 10 new collections made from metal, wood, plastic and upholestry designed by various international designers, the Palace of Wonders concept created by Milanese architectural studio Calvi Brambilla allows visitors to experience a sequence of rooms of 'real interiors' with the pieces themselves being the central focus. 

A single architectural volume that makes up the stand features a total of nine sets that have been created to spread out around a central courtyard, covering 800m2. The volume also features longitudinal openings set at 45 degree angles that allows passerbys to peak inside the pavilion. 

The monumental space, which aims to reflect contemporary architecture, features a variety of interior settings including a hotel restaurant, an urban restaurant, a living area, a library, a dining room, a bistro, a terrace, an office and a meeting room.

Pedrali Salone 2019

The Jamaica collection designed by CMP Design is set inside the 'urban restaurant', representing 'creative sociability' as it was inspired by the famous Bar Jamaica in Milan. The collection embodies traditional forms with a whimsical attitude, made up of various materials such as wood, metal and upholestry. 


The 'living area' is represented by the Buddy collection designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, expanding to offer a two- or three-seater sofa. The comfort of the sofa comes from the combination of four different densities of polyurethane foam and supportive elastic belts. The collection is set against a traditional herringbone parquet floor, contrasting with the use of classic elements such as the lacquered blue pillar and ornaments that recall Giorgio Morandi’s paintings, but recreated in bright colours.

Pedrali Salone 2019

The new Folk collection of seatings, by CMP Design, is the key feature of the 'library'. The chair features warm ash wood, compact dimensions and soft, human lines. 

The company’s successful collaboration with Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet continues; Quitllet’s products feature in two convivial spaces at the heart of everyday life: a sophisticated dining room, and a Parisian-inspired bistro.

Pedrali Salone 2019

In the dining room, the bright colours of the wallpaper and the three shades of blue used for the architecture (ceiling, drapery and backdrop) clash with the archaic, almost homey tradition of the porcelain dishes hanging on the walls. Inside visitors are presented with Soul, the armchair developed out of a desire to create a chair using traditional methods, while making full use of technology, thus allowing tradition and innovation to evolve hand in hand.  The set is completed by the Babila table and the new suspension lamp collection, Tamara, designed by Basaglia Rota Nodari.

The bistro space has an informal, intimate atmosphere. Inside, tables and chairs are arranged both indoors and on the terrace, featuring a Ceppo di Gré floor that recreates a perfect outdoor setting. The two levels communicate by means of the classic floor-to-ceiling windows, offering diners inside the chance to look straight onto the pavement outside; with a stylised window with frames and curtains in a bright red colour. 

The space features the Remind chair, with a special version launched for 2019 Salone del Mobile, which allows anyone to release their creative energy by decorating and customising the backrest with tiny coloured pixels.

Pedrali Salone 2019

The largest space within the stand houses a modern Mediterranean terrace with the terracotta floor and the amphora vases. An almost fairy-tale atmosphere is conjured by the fading light of the sunset on the horizon, creating a sense of depth, presenting Tribeca by CMP Design, which is inspired by the classic Sixties patio chairs made from steel and woven cord.

The collection now gains two new lounge seating designs: an armchair and a two-seater sofa. The mood is kept soft and sophisticated by the Reva sun lounger by Patrick Jouin, and the Giravolta light, an outdoor wireless lamp by Basaglia Rota Nodari that recalls traditional lanterns.

Pedrali Salone 2019

There are also two spaces dedicated to office furniture. The meeting room has walnut wood panelling and 1970s style windowsfeaturing the new Elinor table by Claudio Bellini that echoes the soft, curving silhouette of the executive chair in the same collection, offering a new perception of space. The leather-covered base, formed of two moulded elements, enables a modular approach that allows a variety of arrangements, creating different aesthetic results. 

Pedrali Salone 2019

Meanwhile, the flexibility of modern co-working spaces is represented by a setting that focuses on Temps, the executive chair by Jorge Pensi; and Arki-Table adjustable, with its height-adjustable worktop. Boxie, the modern storage system on wheels designed by Claudio Dondoli Marco Pocci, is both light and functional.

The central space is the heart of the Palace, around which all of the simulated rooms are arranged. It is designed to be an Italian-style courtyard. The warm earthy hue of the Cotto floor, and the architectural structures that echo the entryway, make for a welcoming space

The courtyard of the Palace of Wonders is furnished with Reva sofas by Patrick Jouin and the Tribeca barstools by CMP Design; the Soul armchair by Eugeni Quitllet alongside Luca Casini’s Fluxo tables; upholstered pieces also feature, namely Babila Comfort by Odo Fioravanti, Nym Soft by CMP Design with Patrick Jouin’s Elliot tables, and the Buddy collection by Busetti Garuti Redaelli.

Pedrali Salone 2019

Héra, the armchair designed by Patrick Jouin, embodies the concept of lightness, fusing it with that of comfort and cosiness. The key feature of this chair is wood - the ultimate natural raw material - which the renowned French designer chose to preserve by giving it an extremely refined, fluid form.

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