Sneha Divias Atelier and Apical Reform announce strategic alliance to strengthen India presence

Sneha Divias Atelier and Apical Reform announce strategic alliance to strengthen India presence

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In response to a strong demand for interior design projects across India, Sneha Divias Atelier and Apical Reform have announced a strategic partnership to align their offerings, enabling the firm to cater to more projects across the country, and other parts of the world, including the Middle East and Europe. 

The partnership will allow for both firms to access a wider scope of work beyond their individual offerings in both design, art, architecture and landscaping, as well as widening their geographical reach.

The two firms already have a steady flow of projects, covering areas such as Portugal, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles, the UAE, and Kenya. The newly announced strategic alignment will cater to a broader range of clients across India, where the two firms are currently working on a joint villa project as well as a penthouse in Ahmedabad's "most exclusive" building.

The firms additionally revealed that there are more joint projects currently in the pipeline. 

"Sneha's work is absolutely stunning. She has an innate skill for delivering varying styles and aesthetics," said Amrish Patel, owner and creative director, Apical Reform. "We are constantly receieving inquiries for interior design projects and while this is not our speciality, we are comfortable working with Sneha so we decided to align our expertise where each firms offers various parts of a project. 

"With our scope of work including product design, bespoke artworks, architecture, and landscaping, working with Sneha will allow us to provide a broader offering." 

Sneha Divias Atelier is a boutique firm led by interior designer Sneha Divias with projects across multiple sectors including residential, commercial, and hospitality. 

Apical Reform, in turn, is led by Amrish Patel (owner and creative director) and Darshan Soni (design director), whose works blend art and design with technology and innovative techniques. The firm also works on functional artworks and product design. 

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