Salone del Mobile 2019: new exhibition format and celebration of 'ingenuity' as homage to Leonardo da Vinci

Salone del Mobile 2019: new exhibition format and celebration of 'ingenuity' as homage to Leonardo da Vinci

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This year's Salone del Mobile will pay homage to Renaissance artist, architect, and scientist Leonardo da Vinci on the 500th anniversary of his death through an additional chapter added to the fair's Manifesto, which urges all creatives and businesses involved in the fair to adopt a "new approach". 

Now in its 58th edition, the world's biggest and most influential design fair launched its first 'Manifesto' last year, calling for an emotional and intellectual involvement of all its actors in order to push ahead in tightening ties between Salone del Mobile the city of Milan, and urging exhibitors and designers to think towards the future in the face of “sharper” competition, shorter time scales, and a “super-demanding” market.

For the 2019 edition of the fair, a new chapter called 'Ingenuity' has been added to the Manifesto, explained by the organisation as "the ability to create and think [in a way] that triggers new ways of seeing the world and of inventing solutions in which design contributes to the wellbeing of man and society."

"At this particular time of great success for Milan, it is important to consolidate the Salone del Mobile’s powers of attraction, offering its visitors not just a wide range of products, but, especially, opportunities for international interface and for reflection on the relationship between creativity and business," said Claudio Luti, president of the Salone del Mobile. 

Commenting on the new chapter in the Manifesto, Luti said: "All gifts that our companies possess, that our designers develop and that stem from our roots, and a word that constitutes an invitation to keep looking forward, not to rest on our laurels, to believe that everything can always be reinvented and rediscovered with fresh eyes that look to the future." 

Additionally, in a bid to respond to the structural changes in modern society as well as the rapid changes in the furnishing and design market, this year will also feature two fundamental changes to Salone's trade fair format. 

Due to it being an odd year, 2019 will showcase Euroluce and Workplace 3.0 exhibitions, with the latter featuring "a new, widespread and crosscutting exhibition format geared to better illustrating the evolution of the concept of the workspace". It will comprise of "a hybrid space in which duty and pleasure, professional and personal go hand in hand".

"The exhibiting companies will make their liquid and hybrid presence felt throughout the fairgrounds, as a faithful reflection of the social transformation of the workspace into a flexible, permeable and dynamic space, ripe for professional interaction and engagement with other day-to-day activities," a release from Salone del Mobile stated.

2019 will also see a da Vinci-dedicated pavilion in the heart of Milan, located at the Conca dell'Incornata canal lock, which will be devoted to the "brilliance" of the Renaissance master and to his studies of water.

"AQUA. Leonardo’s Vision will narrate a tiny fragment of the Renaissance and the future of Milan," the release said. 

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