Zaha Hadid Architects designs a set of fluid porcelain vases for Rosenthal

Zaha Hadid Architects designs a set of fluid porcelain vases for Rosenthal

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Zaha Hadid Architetcs has designed a new collection of porcelain vases for Rosenthal, evocative of the practice's architectural language. 

Lapp collection. 

Comprising three separate editions within the wider collection, Zaha Hadid Architects is the latest addition to the line of leading artists and designers who have created limited edition pieces for the 140-year old porcelain producers - including Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Walter Gropius and Werner Panton.

The Lapp collection comprises a family of vases of different sizes in varying combinations of matt and gloss ceramic finishes. Informed by the motion of a liquid droplets flowing along a solid surface, the design creates openings and voids that allow for many different flower arrangements at the top - as well as on the sides - of the vase.

Weave collection. 

Defined by the fluid lines of Zaha Hadid’s sketching hand, the Weave vases incorporate delicate strokes that interweave and diverge to express an interplay of fluidity and symmetry.

The Strip collection includes three sculptural vases and two bowls of different sizes. A sequence of vertical strips with rhythmical offsets, the Strip collection transitions their square base into a circular top edge. Metallic highlights between each strip generate an intricacy within each design.

Strip collection. 

The London-based architecture practice has also recently reinterpreted the iconic 1963 lounge chair by Hans J. Wegner, and designed a 3D-printed chair for new Spanish brand Nagami. 

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