Shepherd Design Studio creates sustainable prayer mat that uses 50% less material

Shepherd Design Studio creates sustainable prayer mat that uses 50% less material

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Shepherd Design Studio has designed an Islamic prayer mat that requires 50 per cent less material than a traditional carpet. 

Its irregular form is based on the seven points of contact that one’s body makes with the carpet during prayer, including the forehead, hands, knees and feet. 

With an aim to create a more sustainable alternative to a traditional prayer mat, the design studio reduced the amount of material used per mat.

The studio is also currently experimenting with using sustainably-sourced materials such as natural rubber, recycled swimwear, and even cork.

The mat itself is comprised of three main sections including two circles for the hands, a triangle for the forehead, and a base to sit or stand on.

These sections are then connected with thin strips of material and decorated in a variety of floral motifs.

The design studio has also revealed plans to incorporate adjustable straps which will enable users to customise the distance between the sections to better fit various dimensions of the body.

"The overall form is also designed to guide the user to maintain correct posture during prayer, as well as encouraging them to reflect on the notion of consumption as a social and environmental responsibility," the studio said.

"Our goal is not only to help the environment but also present a comfortable option for all types of users, from young to old," said Shepherd.

The prototype was presented during the 2018 Saudi Design Week, the fifth edition of the design show, held in Riyadh - the Kingdom's capital. 

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