CID Awards 2018 shortlist: Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design

CID Awards 2018 shortlist: Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design

Here are the finalists for the 2018 CID Awards Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design

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We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2018 CID Awards, which will take place on Wednesday, September 19 at the Joharah Ballroom in the Madinat Jumeirah. This year, we have received 420 submissions across 18 categories from 114 companies throughout the region. Over the course of the week, we will be releasing the names of the finalists in all the categories.

Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design

NMC Global headoffice by Design Infinity

NMC by DESIGN INFINITY Best use of lighting in interior design
The firm designed the lighting concept for the new Abu Dhabi office of NMC Healthcare, the largest private healthcare company in the UAE. Working with customised lighting solutions for different parts of the office, the design team created a concept that takes its cues from the various aspects of healthcare sector as well as taking into consideration the functional and aesthetic elements of lighting.

Jordan Art Office, Tehran, by Moein Jalali

Jordan Art Office by Moein Jalali

Commissioned by an artist, the brief was to create a conceptual space that could vary in function. Taking inspiration from different sources, the lighting was designed to optimise each functional space.

Leila Heller Gallery, Dubai by LightSpace Design

Leila Heller Gallery by LightSpace Design
The windowless gallery space is inherently dark and gloomy, creating opportunities to design both functional and mood lighting. Combining natural lighting with artificial skylights and spot directional projectors, the gallery harnesses lighting to create a spatial flow. 

M'oishi, Dubai by 4Space Design

Moishi by 4Space Design
The concept in this Dubai Opera-situated eatery is inspired by Japanese traditions and reflects the variety of its products in the design – colourful, authentic, and playful. The different colours represent all the flavors of the Japanese ice cream and the rounded lights signify the shape of Mochi. The bamboo rods were created with a dimming light technology that changes the café mood every minute. It is the highlight of the project which sets the tone and mood of the interior, while also making it a practical space for its desired function.

Bloomingdale’s, Kuwait by Nulty

Bloomingdales Kuwait by Nulty
Nulty created a flexible lighting scheme for the three-storey luxury department store spanning more than 8,640m2. The lighting concept is chic, clean and bold, and aims to complement the architectural forms and rich material palette. It utilises integrated luminaires throughout, such as window display, which are illuminated on all four sides by delicately concealed spotlights within a sleek metal frame.

Capital Bank, Amman by Paradigm Design House

Capital Bank VIP Branch by Paradigm Design House
The approach to the lighting design was in-line with the approach of the project as a whole. The lighting design team sought an understanding of how the lighting treats the various areas of the project so as to flow together from perceiving the project from the outside then moving to the interior space with significant impact onto areas of minimal use. The project lighting design was divided into four different parts – outdoor façade, main interior spaces, decorative spaces and low impact spaces. All the project was lit using LED lighting fixtures to lower energy consumption and minimise maintenance. The main challenge of the project was to integrate different lighting technologies with the translucent concrete that was used on the exterior façade as well as various interior elements.

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