CID Awards 2018 shortlist: Best Interior Design: Concept

CID Awards 2018 shortlist: Best Interior Design: Concept

These are the finalists for the 2018 CID Awards Best Interior Design Concept

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We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2018 CID Awards, which will take place on Wednesday, September 19 at the Joharah Ballroom in the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai,UAE. This year we have received 420 submissions across 18 categories from 114 companies throughout the region. Over the coming week, we will be releasing the names of the finalists in all the categories.

Best Interior Design Concept category: 

American University of Sharjah Enterprises Headquarters, Pallavi Dean Interiors 

Located on the American University of Sharjah campus, the AUS RTI Research and Technology Park aims to encourage collaborations, and is set to accommodate the university’s AUS Enterprise organisation that connects companies with academic research. In addition to AUS students and faculty, the space will also be rented out to regional and international companies working on entrepreneurial ideas. The majority of the space includes co-working spaces, maker-spaces, exhibition areas and an auditorium. The design is inspired by the falaj irrigation system, which was being used in Sharjah 5,000 years ago by Bronze Age settlers. This narrative is integrated into the key factors of the project from the circulation to the spatial planning. The atriums are used to create design statements with a giant, parametrically-designed cloud suspended from the ceiling in the first atrium, while the second atrium explores various new technologies in growing plants and indoor crops, using biophilia to positively impact its users.

Confidential energy services company headquarters by Perkins + Will 

Inspired by various forces of nature such as sun, earth, wind, and water, Perkins + Will has designed an office for an energy services client with seamless juxtaposition, contrasting sculptural forms with fluid movements; nature with new technologies - all working harmonsiously with one another. All design decisions were made to uplift and inspire visitors and staff while comminucating the company's brand and values. For example, a custom art piece in the public entrance represents wind energy as a series of glass forms with reflective discs. The formation depict birds, and elements associated with wind energy in nature - designed to engage with visitors and direct their movementthrough the space to the lobby. 

Al Jalila Children's Hospital by Brand Creative 

Brand Creative redesigned Al Jalila Children's Hospital, injecting a sense of magic to the space through the use of whimsical sculptural forms, graphics, fairytale-like design elements, and colour. Using positive symbolism across the space, the project aims to make childeren of all ages feel at ease and unintimidated. Cocoon-shaped information desk greets visitors at the entrance, while stemming from this sculptural desk is a kinetic mobile of colourful butterflies that swirl into the skylight. Corridors and rooms are a graphic, colourful extension of the nature theme created for the hospital by the original architects. Many of the design features are created and displayed in a way that removes visitors from reality and transports them to a place of miracles where flowers fall from the sky and tress grow from the ceiling. 

Charcoal Garden by 4SPACE Design 

Inspired by its namasake, 4SPACE Design used the concept of charcoal as the design narrative of this shisha and grill spot, taking cues from nature for the materiality and colour scheme.  Using reclaimed wood, rustic tables, grill mesh, and handcrafted lights, the design fuses an industrial aesthetic with biophilia. The charcoal theme is used across the space such as the suspended charcoal on a rustic mesh on the ceiling that helps helps circulate clean air and generates non-toxic carbon dioxide. 

Confidential hotel apartments by LACASA iD

Focusing on timelessness and luxury, LACASA iD aimed to create a design that is more monolithic than classical. The lobby features columns cladded with handmade porcelain mosaics as well as flooring and stairs made from a combination of white and nickel resin. The silver travertine walls with LED lit strips and veneer finished partitions give a sense of grandeur to the serviced apartmenrts, while the chairs and couches, upholstered in neutral and off white leathers and velvets for the curtained wall adhere to the holistic interiors. 

White and the Bear by Sneha Divias Atelier 

Following the success of previous projects designed for children, Sneha Divias Atelier showcases another concept called White and the Bear - a two-storey store and cafe for young visitors. Deviating from the theme of a single-concept space, the design studio opted to deliver a holistic design that possesses all things that parents would want their children to be surrounded by: healthy food, a safe environment, and productive learning. Pastels and neutrals dominate the color palette, with materials such as Corian and Terrazzo used across the space - all intended to create a soothing space for creativity verus overstimulation. Additionally, the natural lighting and light wood textures complement the overall interiors of the space. 

Marriott Taghazout Bay by Wilson Associates 

Focusing on simplicity, traditional craftsmanship and local Moroccan culture, the Marriott Taghazout Bay is inspired by the natural surroundings of the Taghazout Bay and mixes minimalism with rich textures and handcrafted details. The use of reclaimed wood and textured stones is a strong component in the project, interwoven with handmade objects and curious treasures to create a fresh and vibrant ambiance, together with accents of exposed stone walls, timber decks and pergolas. rights rooms are strewn with woven straw poufs, rough woven throws, retro wire chairs, as well as raw cotton. Furniture with clean lines are combined with rough, natural textures and accessories create the perfect downtime sanctuary.

XYoga by Bishop Design

The outdoor yoga studio is set to become a permanent facility on the public beach in Jumeirah. The ideology of Yoga was vital through the entirety of the space in its continuous flow between the independent yet autonomous entities. The idea that mind, body and soul are together as one is reflected in the design in the way that all areas including the refreshment center, reception and main studio are visually and physically connected, while also being able to act independently when necessary. Openings in the walls and ceilings adapt with the position of the sun, while also being inspired by the movement of the sea, as well as using playful interactions between sunlight and the buildings' outer shell.

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